Friday, November 19, 2010

Gospel Centered Marriage

I am reading this GREAT book On Marriage!!
                    ‘Love that Lasts’ By Gary and Betsy Ricucci
The part that I am going to share is in the First Chapter of the Book. It is compelling and really makes you look at the Gospel and what it means for you Marriage and how it should empower how you to live with and Love your Husband!
Hope you enjoy it! J

“Does your Marriage Find its Hope in the Gospel of Grace?
Jerry Bridges Defines grace as God’s ‘Undeserved Favor to those who deserve his wrath’ Grace redirects our focus from our guilt to God’s Forgiveness, from our Failures to Christ’s Perfect Righteousness, from our total in ability to God’s Complete sufficiency, from all we feel burdened to do to all Christ has already done on our behalf.
NOTHING is More important to your marriage than you Theology (what you believe about God), and nothing is more important to your Theology (and Hence your marriage) than the Gospel.
·        Because of the gospel, Christians have become new Creations 2Cor. 5:17. Therefore in our marriage, our past does not define us, or determine our future.
·        Because of the gospel, we are forgiven Eph. 1:7. Therefore we live free from all guilt and Condemnation for every sin , and we can trust that in God, in all his mercy, will be gracious to us.
·        Because of the gospel, we can forgive, just as Christ forgave us Eph. 4.32. Nothing done against us compares to our sin against God. Therefore ALL offenses, Hostility and bitterness between Christians can be completely forgiven and removed.
·        Because of the gospel, we are accepted by God Rom. 15:7. Therefore we are not dependant on a spouse for who we are or what we need.
·        Because of the gospel, sin’s ruling power over us is broken Rom. 6:6,14. Therefore we can truly obey all that God calls us to do in our marriage, regardless of an circumstance or situation.
·        Because of the gospel, we have access to God through Christ Heb. 4:14-16. Therefore we can at any time take any need in our marriage to the One who can do all things.
·        Because of the gospel, we have hope Rom. 5:1-4. Therefore we can endure marital difficulty, hardship, or suffering, with the assurance that God is working all to our GREATEST good. Rom.8:28.
·        Because of the gospel, Christ dwells in us by his Holy Spirit Gal.3:13-14. Therefore we are confident that God is always with us and is always working in our marriage, even when progress is imperceptible 1Thess. 5:23-24.
·        Because of the gospel, we have power to fight and overcome remaining sin, which continues to dwell and war within us Rom. 7:19-21, 24-25, Gal.5:16-17 This indwelling enemy represents the essence of what is called the Doctrine of sin.

Sometimes it’s not easy to live in the reality of these truths. But it is always possible-and not because of our strength or determination, but because of God’s empowering and enabling grace.
When we Grasp the depth of God’s Love for us revealed in the Gospel, when we rest in the joys of Gods Forgiveness toward us in the gospel, when we experience God’s Transforming power in us through the gospel, and  when we begin to emulate the pattern of humility and obedience we see in the gospel, what a wonderful difference this will make in our live and marriages! Nothing is more essential to a marriage, and nothing brings more HOPE, than applying the gospel of Christ Jesus.”

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!!

~ Apryl Yoder


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